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杜宅經典學院配方 畢卡索
Roasting degree: medium
Treatment method: sun drying + washing
Flavor Description:

墨西哥 彩虹小馬 經典水洗 SHG
Roasting degree: medium
Processing method: washing with water
Flavor Description:

泰國 金三角 清邁府 帕亮村
Roast degree: light to medium
Processing method: washing with water
Flavor Description:
熱帶水果、檸檬、李子、烏梅、堅果、焦糖,風味清新 、 口感乾淨溫和。

衣索比亞 谷吉 柯爾夏鎮 柯爾夏處理廠
Roast degree: light
Processing method: washing with water
Flavor Description:

An artist who grew up in a coffee family
That's the boss
More because as an artist
Strict control over the works you create
Only works that satisfy you will be signed
The same is true for every coffee bean of Duzhai Coffee
Duzhai Coffee is located in the streets of Taichung

"The so-called value of specialty coffee,
not far from the crowd,
Instead, it should be pushed back from the consumer to the production side,
The common pursuit of higher quality specialty coffee”

"2019 Coffee Review 94 Points"
Du Zhai Coffee, the "Bronze Medal of the 2017 Australian International Coffee Roasting Competition",
So we are committed to bringing specialty coffee to the crowd,
Drink the purest original taste of coffee,
Let people from the beginning to the import,
Learn the story about coffee step by step.

🔺The flavor of coffee varies from person to person, the flavor description is for reference only
🔺 Once the food is sold, there is no return or exchange service.
Please confirm before purchasing and please forgive me
🔺 Shipping time:
It will be shipped within three working days from the next day after the order is placed.
Public holidays: 1. Orders can be placed; no shipments.
🔺This store is a physical storefront in Taichung
(Du Zhai's own roasted specialty coffee beans: No. 468, Wuquan South Road, South District, Taichung City), please buy with confidence.

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