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In order to be irreplaceable
one must always be different.

our story

About DuZhai

An artist who grew up in a coffee family
That's the boss
More because as an artist
Strict control over the works you create
Only works that satisfy you will be signed
The same is true for every coffee bean of Duzhai Coffee
Duzhai Coffee is located in the streets of Taichung

Dedicated to bringing specialty coffee to the crowd
Drink the purest original taste of coffee
Let people from the beginning to the import
Learn the story about coffee step by step

Who we are

choose the best,
Just at Duzhai Coffee

The same is true for every coffee bean of Duzhai Coffee!
Originally located in the streets of Taoyuan, Duzhai Coffee
Relocated to Taichung South District in 2021
In simple and comfortable, full of metal and
In the colorful design style of Du House
with big dreams

"The real value of so-called specialty coffee"
not far from the crowd
Instead, it should be pushed back from the consumer to the producer
Common pursuit of higher quality specialty coffee

We know what we don't want
Roast our unroasted beans
drink coffee we haven't had
Duzhai Coffee, which is rebellion!

what customers say

Listen to them

Max Lin
Max Lin
專業精品咖啡自烘店 烘焙設備、環境超優
alex Tzeng
alex Tzeng
Hsieh Hui Hui
Hsieh Hui Hui
杜宅咖啡位於市區,缺不失愜意悠閒的下午茶時光。 在諮詢購買豆子建議時,服務人員耐心的聆聽,而烘豆師專業的解釋豆子的不同味道,是值得一試成主顧的咖啡店。 店內設計及畫作也可以親自來一趟感受一下,老闆想帶給客人滿滿的咖啡旅程。

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